Dining Room Collection

The important word here is “dining,” implying "hospitality." Three popular dining options are The formal dining room, casual dining and the breakfast nook:

Formal Dining Room:

Devoted solely to dining, this room is typically adjacent to the living room. Furniture can be of any style, but usually all pieces are from the same look. The table in the formal dining room typically seats eight or more people. A hutch or sideboard takes a place of prime importance for china display or serving.

Casual Dining:

The dining space is located between the great room’s living and kitchen areas–conveniently close to both. This multipurpose room is used for dining, homework and hobbies. The furniture blends stylistically with that of the living area. A hutch or armoire is positioned for storage of dinnerware and linens.

Breakfast Nook:

The nook is most often used for family dining but sometimes for informal entertaining. Furniture, whether free-standing or built-in, is casual. This applies to complementary furnishings as well. The table is sturdy enough to use for hobbies, games, homework and additional kitchen work space. The namebrands we carry will provide you with the choice that suits your needs best.