Living Room

The days of roping off the living room like a museum are over. People are really "living" in the living room now.

"Formal" Living Rooms are usually made up of symmetrical arrangements using traditional furnishings. Exquisite fabrics such as damasks, tapestries and brocades are featured throughout the room. Polished hardwood floors, Oriental rugs or wall-to-wall carpet are used. Lavish swags and jabots are featured as window treatments.

"Informal" Living Rooms are usually an asymmetrical, more casual floor plan made up of a mix of traditional, country, rustic and contemporary furnishings. Fabrics that run the gamut from plaids and checks to florals and prints are featured throughout the room. Dhurrie rugs, wall-to-wall carpet and sisal flooring are used. Unpretentious window treatments such as shirred side panels and tab curtains are featured.

At Ewald Furniture, we offer a wide variety of styles for any taste.